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Emerse Sdn Bhd has grown to become one of Malaysia’s leading floor specialist. Emerse Sdn Bhd along with its team of technically competent, highly skilled and experienced personnel has over the years build up a good reputation as a trusted and reliable provider of quality flooring. If you are looking for the suitable flooring for your project, you will want to rely on expertise and reputation that have been built over the years and we, at Emerse Sdn Bhd will provide you with the perfect solution to meet all your needs and requirements.


Emerse Sdn Bhd is built on the experience gained from more than 19 years in the construction industry and has successfully installed the flooring for various industries such as Electronic, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Service Centres.
Being a reliable and responsible flooring installer, Emerse also provides after sales service to all their valuable customers.


Industrial Flooring


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Professional Team

We have more than 19 years experience in flooring industrial and team up with our professional suppliers to provide you the perfect work team to serve you.

Quality Materials

As our customers are our most valuable assets, we work hand in hand with our reputable principal manufacturers to ensure that we deliver the best quality products to meet the demand and requirements of our customers.

Industry Expertise

Bringing our technically competent team together with our investments in the latest machineries and equipment we provide innovative floor solutions for new construction, maintenance and repair of your floors.We have built our reputation in providing good support to our customers and it is these combined commitments to innovation and service that continue to drive our business forward.

After Sales Service

A reliable and capable flooring applicator have to provide after sale service for their value clients. We are implementing this practice.


We are attentive and pay careful attention to your requirements and needs and we will combine the right elements gained from our experience to solve your construction challenges.Besides providing high-performance flooring solutions, we also emphasize “sustainability” in helping our customers meet the increasingly stringent environmental guidelines set by regulatory authorities.


With experience gain over the years in the construction industry, our team will provide a pre-planning design to suit your needs, requirement and environment. We leverage new technologies as well as our in-depth knowledge of local building needs to solve your specific construction challenges.


Damaged floors will not only affect the productivity but will also pose as a safety and health hazard to the floor users.Contact us and our team will provide a sustainable solution to solve the issue for you.


We provide maintenance service for all our valuable clients as proper maintenance will ensure that the floor have longer service life with lower maintenance needs.

Get Consultancy About Your Project

We are specialize in industrial and commercial flooring system .  Polyurethane, Epoxy And Conductive Flooring for Food and Cool Storage Industries, Automotive Assembly Plants, Manufacturing Plants, Maintenance & Services Centers (vehicles & wagon), Chemical Industries, Pharmaceuticals Plants, Semiconductor Industrials & etc..