Pre-planning at the design stage to evaluate the floor usage and service environment is highly recommended to ensure that the finished floor meets your specific requirements. The durability and longevity of the finished floor will heavily depend on the creation of the correct surface profile prior to the application of the chosen flooring system. The substrate will be prepared by the following mechanical actions to produce a clean sound substrate suitable to receive the floor finish.


Concrete grinding is the process of smoothing rough concrete surface. During the grinding process, an abrasive tool will smoothen the rough surface removing any existing coatings and contaminants.

Anchor Grooves

Anchor grooves are required at all free edges. The purpose to create anchor grooves is to help distribute mechanical and thermal stresses arising from curing, temperature changes and heavy traffic.


Scarifying or milling machine uses rotating tools to cut or scar the surface of the concrete in preparation to receive the floor finish.

Concrete Shaving

Concrete shaving is the process in which the top layer of the concrete surface is quickly and efficiently removed using abrasive diamond blades. The result from the shaved surface is level and consistent.

Captive Shot Blasting (Blastrac Machine)

Shot blasting is a fast and incredibly thorough process that is commonly used to prepare concrete floors prior to the application of the required finishes.