Smooth Finish

Polyurethane Floor is a single layer, seamless, solvent free flooring system with a smooth matt surface finish. It has high impact resistance and withstands abrasive wear and a wide spectrum of chemicals and is suitable for applications in predominantly dry environments. Polyurethane Floor with a smooth finish is recommended for conditions requiring the maximum chemical resistance where an even and easy to clean surface is required. It is the ideal floor finish for applications in the food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries including clean room, laboratory, packing hall and warehouse.

Textured Finish

Polyurethane Flooring with textured finish is suitable for applications in wet and dry process environments. It is dense and impervious, providing the ideal floor finish for applications in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and wherever a robust, long lived floor is required. It is recommended for conditions requiring slip resistance and specific environments including meat, fish and poultry processing, commercial and industrial kitchens, cold rooms and chillers, etc.


Epoxy Coating

Water based epoxy resin coating is a durable coloured coating based on advance water-dispersed epoxy resin. It is recommended as a protective coating on floors and walls where both high levels of aesthetics and chemical resistance are required. It is water vapour permeable which allows the floor surface to breathe thus preventing build-up of moisture in the structure.

Self-Levelling Epoxy

Self-levelling epoxy floor is a seamless, self-smoothing and solvent free epoxy overlay system designed to provide continuous protection for concrete floors in light, medium and heavy-duty applications. It is suitable for use in many industrial applications such as pharmaceutical, industrial production facilities, light engineering workshops, etc. Self-levelling epoxy flooring is ideal where the flooring is required to have high levels of aesthetics and abrasion resistance.


Anti-Slip Epoxy Flooring is a slip resistance and seamless flooring system. The degree of slip resistance can be adjusted to suit the service conditions resulting in having a safe working environment. Anti-Slip Epoxy Flooring is recommended where a good slip resistant surface is essential such as wet process and wash down areas, automotive and engineering facilities, etc.

Anti-Slip Polyurethane Flooring is a UV stable coat for out-door applications. It is slip resistance and seamless flooring system. It is recommend for conditions requiring slip resistance and out-door applications such external pedestrian walk-way.


An ESD Protected Area (EPA) is designed to fulfil specific criteria such as low body voltage generation when people walk on the floor enabling ESD sensitive devices to be use safely. Flooring is seen as one of the elements of a holistic approach to the controlling of ESD. Depending on the type of industry or application, AS or ESD floors are called for to avoid any static discharge and static cling.

Antistatic PU Flooring is a unique heavy-duty resin floor which provides a smooth protective antistatic floor finish suitable for applications in predominantly dry environments. It is widely used in the electronics industry to protect electrostatic-sensitive devices, in solvent-handling zones and in predominantly dry explosion-hazard areas with hard plastic and steel-wheeled traffic.


Epoxy mortar is designed to provide a durable and abrasion resistant protection for concrete floors. It has excellent mechanical properties and offer good abrasion and wear characteristics for areas subject to heavy traffic. Epoxy mortar has good chemical resistance but as in all corrosive situations a full analysis of operating and exposure conditions is required to ensure product suitability. It may be used for general repairs in floors subject to heavy and abrasive traffic.


Temporary Moisture Barrier is a water based, self-smoothing epoxy-cementitious high- performance floor topping. It is formulated for underlay application as temporary moisture barrier for resin-based floor finishes.